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Berlin raw to the bone

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"Berlin raw to the bone"

Synopsis: Directing newcomer Oskur Garzia brings to you the hottest sex action in Berlin in recent years!
Shot in the industrial landscape of Berlin five startling scenes present us the new faces of Ivan, Xavi, Chris,
Cristo, David, Arno and Luca - a gang of horny, dirty sex addicts. Ivan gets nasty and abusive on Luca,
whom he met in a club. The real action starts at the industrial party with the pumpin noise and sweat and
hard bareback action. You feel like in a documentary - showing the real cocks, holes and fuck faces you
will never forget! They are greedy sluts looking for animal action and domination and suffocation role pleay.
They all have exploding hard cocks and shoot long distance. After a long juicy suck and fuck party night in
the cellar and on the roof there always comes a new day... and more dirty action.Berlin Raw to the Bown

Studio: Wurstfilm
Runtime: 120min.

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