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Feeding Hungry Holes

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Feeding Hungry Holes

Feeding Hungry Holes is the anthem of dirty boys. Watch as 15 gorgeous Twinks with high testosterone levels fuck and get fucked like crazy. Their hungry holes waiting to get plunged by gigantic dicks. Enjoy 3 amazing hours and seven outstanding scenes of seeding, breeding and cum eating! Directed & Produced by Michael Paris.
This movie is a compilation of the best scenes of Breeding Time, CumHoles, Holes4Seeds, Load My Ass, Seed My Hole, Seeding The Boys.

Director     Michael Paris
Cast     David Loft, Nico Ange, Jack Roys, Denis Mel, Snake, Felix Wallace, Dave Lik, Jerry Harris, Alex Arias, Andrew Shut, Brandon Jr. George Basten, Jay Renfro, Tony Rush, Peter, Micky Coolio.
Genre     Breeding, Seeding, Bareback, Dirty
Running Time     180 minutes

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